Should Lovers Seek Kundli Matching?

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Time has changed a lot

The kundli matching did have some practical value in the era when it was not possible for the prospective candidates to know each other before marriage. In the present era of dating and pre-marriage meetings the would be spouse have clearly better opportunities to know the nature of each other. This acquaintance would be much more useful rather than getting some rough idea about knowing the nature through astrology.

Most of the astrologers would avoid to accept the above facts and even if they know this, their professional interest does not allow them to come out clearly and openly on the issue. Who would damage one's earning..? 

Male Dominance

An average astrologer would match the Kundli with the traditional 'Ashtakoot' method. This method is designed on the basis of ancient society. The parameters involved in this method are designed to assess the qualities of bride with respect to expectations of those days. Now the time has changed and the expectations of spouses are changed drastically. It is not at all advisable to use the outdated method to assess compatibility of the present would be couples.

Without understanding the essence of Mangal in the life of todays professionally qualified girls, the astrologers come out with Mangalik Dosha etc. In fact, Mangal is energy and intelligence. In those days when the 'submissiveness' of wife was most desired quality, strong Mangal was considered bad in the chart of a girl. The method was drafted to ascertain the dominance of Male in the relationship.


Even after reading this article, at times people request me for undertaking Kundli Matching. Please Note:
I do not entertain such requests.
Please read this article carefully. I do not support 'Kundli Matching'. Its a complete futile exercise.
The purpose of this article is to provide some arguments to the lovers as they face the obstacle of Kundli Miss-matching.