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My general query is related to Drishi of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology. Kindly clear my small doubt. Eg lets consider mesh lagna with jupiter placed alone in 4th house and is exalted and benefic. and hence its dristi will be looking at houses 5 nd 9 from it ie house 8 and house 12. Now my question is when Jupiter mahadasha starts some ppl say jupiter affects the most to the house it is placed and some say it lessens the effect of the house its placed in (karak Bhaav Nashay) and affects the most to the houses its looking at. which of these ideologies are more correct? And in this case Jupier aspects houses 8 am 12 which are both bad houses. Will that mean bad jupiter mahadasha even with jupiter exalted and in cancer? and also considering Jupiter mahadasa starts and jupiter is in house 4 (for home) looking at house 12 which is also for foreign travel. Is travel indicated in this example? Or the person is likely to stay at home as jupiter is in house 4? I hope you can help me with my doubt Thanx in advance. * * *
Well, I have tried to understand your query. You want to know whether Jupiter's placement and its drishti would be benefic? I can see student-like interest in your query and would therefore, try to explain this in detail.

My dear, there are certain basic precepts that we should always keep in mind while labeling a planet as good or bad. All planets have been classified into three categories on the basis of their natural characteristics. These three categories are natural benefics; natural malefics and the rest are neutral. The other classification follows basis of the ownership of different houses of the birth chart. Then there are lagna oriented Badhaka and Marakas.

In addition to above there are some other notions e.g. 'Karako Bhava Nashaya' in respect of natural significator placed in the house it signifies.

There are certain contradicting opinions also e.g. if natural benefic occupies the kendra houses, it is bad and if natural malefics occupies bad houses (trik) it is good etc. whereas, at times we come across references of supreme power of Jupiter when in Kendra.

On the face of all these notions, the value of correlation of the characteristics with the societal environment is also very important. We all know that the best of best things are written about the impact of Jupiter. But in real life we see that the native does not get the benefits. This is due to lack of synchronization of 'DeshaKala'. We have to appreciate that in the era when these shlokas were formed, the focus was on religious and spiritual activities. The overall environment of the era was Satva Pradhana, where the qualities of Jupiter, the Deva Guru were significant for attainment of success. Now, in the Kaliyuga the environment of the society is not conducive to Jupiterian qualities. In the present era we cannot expect to get benefits from qualities of jupiter e.g. honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, truthfulness, ethics and moral values. The society is different and the motives and expectations of people have changed. I, therefore, personally feel that we must look at the requirements of the issue, the general attitude of the native vis-a-vis the characteristics of the planet and then only should decide about the results a planet would give.

A crude example might make my point simple. Suppose one is in legal profession and he is expecting the outcome of a criminal case. Now, if the native is running through Jupiter Dasha, we cannot pridict success for him. Jupiter does signifies Justice. But, we all know that in todays context, there the perception of Nyaaya in legal matters are just formal rather it is just a decision. The legal professionals resort to many tricks and tactics to get the decision in their favour. Now here the Deva Guru cannot be of any help, on the contrary, I am afraid, it may punish the native so as to bring him back on the right track of Truthfullness. Thus, if the issue under consideration requires the good qualities of jupiter and the native's means for the attainment are also just and sincere, Jupiter can give favourable results.

The principle of 6/8/12 house of Trik has to be applied in relation to the house under consideration and its subsidiary or complimentary houses e.g. if we assess monitory issues from the 2nd house, the lord of lagna being 12th from 2nd would not be positive but the 9th lord(being bhagyesha) even when it is 8th from 2nd would be positive. 7th house being 6th from 2nd would be positive if the issue is related with partnership finance etc. The nature of fructification for different houses with respect to living and non living things would be different. 6th house is negative for wife being a living person as it is 12th from 7th but would be positive when we assess success in competitive exams etc.

Jupiter's placement, drishti and its fructification during its dasha etc. has to be analyzed in this way.