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In my Kundli jupiter and moon are exalted in 8th and 6th house - what is the significance of this exaltation?
Which stone is to be worn ? 
BOD 16-11-1978
TOB 10:38am
Place: nabha(patiala)PUNJAB
Your Saturn aspects your 3rd house, Moon and your Sun. This way it affects your personality negatively.  It marrs the likely advantages of your exalted Moon. The strength of your Moon (mind and imagination) is also gets significantly reduced because of its placement in 6th house. You can expect some advantage of Moon being weaker by way of its being 8th lord (trik house) placed in another trik house-6th. This can protect you from the dangers like accidents etc. associated with 8th house.
Jupiter though exalted and being lord of your lagna and 4th(sukha), weakens as its placed in 8th house. Ketu has occupied one of its sign, Meena so it over-rules Jupiter. Your Mars being lord of 5th (remedy) and 12th placed in 12th house. This is forming a sort of Veeparita RajYoga.

Lord Ganeshji is upasya deva for both, Mars and Ketu. As such, you should propitiate Ganeshji by way of reciting a Ganesh Mantra or a Ganash Stotra. To make it effective, you should seek it humbly from a learned Brahmin. Wearing 4 crt Cats Eye studed in Silver, on middle finger of your right hand would also be helpful.

To mitigate, of course only to some extent, the influence of Saturn - :
(a) reciting hanuman chalisa on Saturdays; you can even view video of hanuman chalisa on youtube.
(b) recite this 11 times daily :-
"konasthah pingala babruh, krishno roudroantako yamah; sourih shanaish-charo manday, pippalandena sam stutah"

Be Blessed.


Dear sir, Kindly let me know about my future, as such it appears nothing is working out, neither marriage proposals nor the job offers. Thank you
Date of Birth: 06.07.80
Time of Birth:9.20PM
Place of Birth:adoni
It speaks a lot when you say 'nothing is working out'.
I am trying here to address your issues with a prayer to God to guide me as I provide you with my advice.

You have Saturn placed in your lagna and aspecting your 3rd, 7th and 10th house. Saturn is known to be biggest delaying factor. In your chart it indicates delays in issues pertaining to 7th house, i.e. Marriage and 10th house i.e. Employment. Its placement in first house with Jupeter and its aspect on the 3rd house can make you lazy and it is not favourable for decision making and your spirit to put enough efforts.

Saturn normally allows the things under its influence to materialize once the native attains 30 years of age. So in your case, I believe; your marriage should not be considered as late as off now.

I think it would be wise on your part to gainfully utilize this period(delay) by way of strengthening your professional skills, add up to your education and enhancing your Resume.

Your present dasha Sun/Sat/rahu can put you to frustrations. However, keeping yourself busy, learning new things and avoiding post-lunch naps, you can gainfully utilize this period. This is constructive utility of astrological guidance.

To get relieve from tensions etc.; it is advisable for you to propitiate Saturn. You can do this by :
(a) reciting hanuman chalisa on Saturdays; you can even view video of hanuman chalisa on youtube.
(b) recite this 11 times daily :- "konasthah pingala babruh krishno roudroantako yamah sourih shanaish-charo manday pippalandena sam stutah"

Your planetary combinations indicate that you are likely to be engaged in artistic pursuits.

Be Blessed.

Rahu - An Illusionist

posted Sep 30, 2010, 8:47 AM by Vikram Pancholi   [ updated Aug 7, 2014, 10:31 AM ]

                                             Ketu - A Spiritual
I am currently lliving in USA, citizen here, but born in india . I want to become a doctor(a heart surgeon), very badly, this is what i desire achieveing mostly, but for some reason from inside it feels that my desires are not comming true. Every time happiness comes along, it just goes away quickly. I want to be a doctor badly, but from inside i get this strange feeling that i should go into business( do an MBA) and become CEO to have power and material comforts. This all started around year 2005. Even in my education, i am not getting the grades I used to get,having setbacks, though i study the same way with same dedication. Recently i have applied to medical colleges, but still i havent gotten admission, i was told by one of the astrologers that i would get it around march. Another thing, i have scorpio lagna, i read that i should wear red coral, but one astrologer said to wear yellow sapphire, or another said since i am running RAHU DASHA and saturn antardasha i should wear Hessonaite and blue sapphire Can you astrologers tell me exactly right about what i need to wear and how much ratti of it. one more concern is, ever since my saturn antar dasha has started, i feel like i am being taken to the issues i had left or things i had seen before, like i keep getting dreams where i am back in india, not sure if its because of its retrograde nature or what. but i do need some remedies for rahu, education, health and my career. how will this rahu dasha go for me, will i become a doctor successfully and get married?
 DOB April 2, 1987
Time: 23:08PM
Place: Shirpur Maharashtra
I have looked into your horoscope and without taxing you with the horoscope technical details, I am trying to give you following advice.

As one reads your question; it appears that you are not able to focus on the single goal. While having a dream is a big boon; it would be pertinent to emphasize upon creating and nurtering a single goal and then to work, work and work untill you achive it..!

In India, I have seldom seen a a prospective medical student logging into astrological guidance. If at all, they consult about choosing specialization faculty. In fact, he/she would not find time to venture into astrology.

Unfortunately, astrology has no standard and uniform universal syllabus and persons with varying calibre have plunged into business of future telling. They follow the set of rules that they find more appropriate on their own experimentation. This is the reason, you get different opinions from different astrologers.

Suffice would be to say that you have favourable planetary combinations in your chart(Mars-Venus; Sun-Jup with 1st, 5th and 10th houses) to be a medical professional. If you work hard; you can become a Gynec Surgeon. If you don't work hard enough; you would settle with becoming a helping hand to a surgeon. Now, its upto you to determine your single goal and put efforts in a single direction.

You are passing through Rahu/Sani/Sani period and this is the reason you are at low esteem. Know that Rahu (from Sept 2004)has a tendency to impart illusions. So be carefull and spare some time with yourself regularly to vouch safe against feelings of frustration and re-affirm to your higher goal. Note that this is a temporary phase and from March 2010, the dasha would change to Rahu/Sani/Mer. Mercury at execution level (pratyantar) would be favourable for academic things - so focus on the entrance test for medical studies.

I would recommend you to view a video of Hanuman Chalisa on youtube at least once every Saturday.

Every Indian has, in his DNA a pull for the mother land. So take it easy and dont fall prey to any miss-conceptions. Don't worry about Rahu because its a Karmic planet and would present you with your Karmic dues. When I say 'Karmic dues' believe me; they can be rewards, too.

My parental advice to you is 'don't venture much into astrology' at this juncture of your life. I have to tell you this as I find you referring to various astrological jargons in your question.

Come on Boy, do your best in studies and good luck would kiss your heels.

Be Blessed.

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