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 Can i wear navarathna-ring & which hand and which finger i can wear it? Anything to be avoided (on veg.,alcohol,sex) to wear this navarathna ring?

From: -- R******* ******

DOB - 02-06-1978
TOB - 19.45
My friend, you need to understand the logic of remedies in astrology. The gems are considered representing the concerned planets. Most of the astrologers believe in recommending the gems to suppliment the weak planets in the native's horoscope.

Some astrologers adopt the reverse - they recommend the gems for the stronger planets. They wish to counter the malefic influence by augmenting the power of benefic planets.

Now if you critically analyze, the navarathna ring would not satisfy any of the above two considerations.

Let me explain you with an illustration. If you are on a dinning table and you have a salt sprinkler on your table. However you would not add salt in the dish if the dish is perfectly prepared. You can add salt if only you feel its needed. Thus wearing navarathna ring is like adding all the spices to a dish.

The navarathna ring, in my opinion, is a gimmic propogated by 'jweller turned astrologers'.

What are the gems stones I should were. Can I were blue sapphire. plz help I am not getting promotion & working really very a days getting frustated...plz help
DOB - 03-12-1979
TOB - 19.30
POB - Nagda Jn (MP)
I have examined your chart and wonder who recommend you to wear Blue Sapphire ? In your chart Saturn is neither weak nor you are undergoing Sadesati.

You will appreciate that correct diognosis is required before wearing blue sapphire. It can inflict unwanted crisis. I strongly feel, you don't need to wear a Blue Sapphire at present.

Instead, you may like to propitiate Lord Hanumanji. This will take care of obstruction caused by Saturn in your 11th (gain) house without any risk of side-effects.

Transit Saturn on your natal saturn will definitely give you a milestone in your life. It just takes a little more time, delays and tension before giving reward. This way, Saturn ensures that your self-esteem goes down. So dont worry, keep cool and concentrate on job performance. If you are frustrated, it will badly affect your quality of work.

Best of Luck.