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Kalasarpa Dosha

I have Kal surp dosh and do not get credit as per my work. 1)What are the ways (if any) of getting rid of this Dosh. 2)I want to move on with my career, do I have a promotion in near future.
Birth Date 19/06/1977. 
Birth time 1510.
Place of Birth :Jaipur(Rajasthan).
Please focus your attention on other positive aspects of life. Understand and apprciate the value of Purushartha the genuine efforts in life. Don't get frightened over KSY. Many of the renowned astrologers have challenged the seriousness and validity of this yoga. There are innumerable cases where people with Kalsarpa Yoga have attained greate success in life. Many of these are celebrities and their life is open before us. Here, I want you to know that Kalsarpa Yog is of great importnce within a level of astrologers where 'client's fear' decides the greatness of the astrologer. There are leaders in almost all spheres of life; be it politics, religion, medical, occult or 'paid astrology' who are advocates of fear-psycosis. Some of them have no monitory interest, but they have fallen prey to the early lessons they got from their god-fathers and they are spell-bound now, they cannot change their mind now. Some are tempted to adopt its validity as an easy excuse to justify any negative happenings otherwise difficult to attribute to other planetary combinations. So please don't get confussed with all sort of kinds of Kalsarpa yoga variations that might come across. I only consider formation of Kalsarpa Yoga when moving from lagna towards 12th through 2,3,4,..(anticlock-wise) the first planet seen is Rahu and no other planet is placed beyond Ketu in the chart. This is the logical way of considering 'all the planet hemmed between Rahu and Ketu' on the assumption that (i)Rahu-ketu moves in reverse direction in the zodiac and (ii)Rahu is the face and Ketu is the tail of serpent. This is not only logical, it has been tested on a number of charts. So according to my formula, your case does not belong to KSY. See, in your chart Rahu is in 12th house in Kanya rasi and since rahu is the head and its direction is towards simha rasi(reverse motion)so his body entails consisting of simh, kanya, tula, vrischik, dhanu, makar,kumbha ending with tail in Meena with Ketu. You would see that the serpant has not swallowed any planet. No planet is between kanya to Meena sign. That's all.
I have kalsarp dosha (rahu in 12th , ketu in 6th). I am 39 years old going through health problems for 12yrs. Does the dosha end at a particular age?
You have not provided with details of your birth so as to enable me cast your chart and verify whether you really have Kalsarpa dosha in it.
Unfortunately, many of my astrologer friends have imperfect ideas about the dosha and they apply misleading conditions for judging the formation of kalasarpa dosha.

Even where the real kalasarpa yoga is present in the chart, I believe, it will present negative results during the dasha/vidasha of Rahu. Though the dosha would exist in the chart, It cannot be effective throughout life span in continual manner. Putting aside astrology, its a matter of commonsense that nothing remains unchanged throughout.

I have noticed that the native with Kalsarpa yoga have been able to attain great heights in their fields. At times, as a result of this yoga they face a sort of setback just and they have to take the achievements with a pinch of blemished.

The dosha doesnot vanish at a particular age. However, it will give bad results during the dasha/vidasha of Rahu and in the dasha/vidash of the lord of the house occupied by Rahu in the birth chart.

Propitiating Lord Shiva by way of Abhishek may provide some relief from the gravity of the dosha.