Bring In clarity about 
Love, Marriage and Elders' Role 

And Last but not the least..!

I know it is very difficult to change older people (I have intentionally used this word instead of 'elders') but I have seen many parents, very head strong and stubborn initially, giving up ultimately for their love for their child.. so never give up.

Soulmates keep on trying to re-aliegn with their beloved souls life after lives.. and reach upto them with great difficulty. But here again, there is a challenge. Challenge of interruption created by their own 'Free-will'. Wonderful  opportunities get spoiled because of this factor. Once the opportunity is lost, know that it might take up journey of many more lives to reach closer to each other.. So, listen to your heart and opt for love over other worldly things.. 

Further Reading:

Anyone who is deeply hurt because of relationship issues or one who is undergoing this roller-coster like emotional feelings; are advised to read the book :
'Many Lives. Many Masters' by Brian Weiss.

This will help you in understanding the karmic and evolutionary factors working underneath of your relationship issue. You will be able to appreciate the role of events, happenings and the actors playing different characters.. (including the astrologer who rejects your alliance on the grounds of Kundli Matching..!!)