Bring In clarity about 
Love, Marriage and Elders' Role 


I have been receiving innumerable mail messages from the youngsters who are in relationship but, their marriage has been challenged by the elders on the pretext of Kundli matching. I am happy that most educated youngsters do not personally bother for kundli matching.  However, because their belief about respect for parents, they want to know if there is any remedy they can perform? This article is dedicated to my young friends who face similar proble.

There is only one remedy to this issue : Clarity of mind.

How about asking a few questions to yourself? Take a piece of paper divide it into two parts. On one side, put questions. On the other side, write down your answers.

You might laugh at me. But believe me, when it is an important issue, we need clarity and our mind comes straight only when we make it answer the questions on a medium like paper (its imbibed into our learning methodology .. this is the way we have been taught in the schools..) Further, it presents an overview of an otherwise confusing issue..

You need clarity of mind about:
  • Love, 
  • Marriage, 
  • Astrology, 
  • fate and 
  • Respect & duties towards parents 

Clarity about Love & Marriage 

Ask following questions :

· Can you create Love or

· It Happens ?

· Would you be happy if you give up your love?

· Can you cultivate love for any other person?

· What for you want to marry?

· Do you believe that Love is the foundation of relationship?

· Do you want to marry for you or for your parents?

· Why do you want to marry with a particular person?

· is it because you love him/her or will it be OK only if there’s good matching between your kundlies?

Clarity about Astrology & Fate 
(Keep Reading..)

Clarity about Role of Parents in selection of spouse & our sense of Respect for them: (Continue Reading)

Even after reading this article, at times people request me for undertaking Kundli Matching. Please Note:
I do not entertain such requests.
Please read this article carefully. I do not support 'Kundli Matching'. Its a complete futile exercise.
The purpose of this article is to provide some arguments to the lovers as they face the obstacle of Kundli Miss-matching.