Manglik Dosha


Manglik Dosha

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Hoax of Mangalik Dosha

'Mangal' means Auspicious and auspicious functions are therefore, called 'Manglik' e.g. Marriage, Yagnopavita etc. are callled Manglik functions. Another meaning of the word 'Mangal' is 'Bliss'. That's why the blessings given by Jain monks is called 'Manglik'. When we apply this meaning to 'Mars' it should indicate 'auspicious' and 'bliss' as it is called 'Mangal'.
However, contrary to its meaning, 'Mangal' spreads fear and frustration amongst the prospective brides, bridegrooms and their elders. Many proposals, other wise excellent in all the visible parameters do not materialized into marriage, only because of the hoax of 'Manglik Dosha'. Mangal becomes 'amangal' for a great auspicious event. With the spread of astrology in all strata of society, this hoax about Mangal is turning into a kind of 'Astrophobia'.
To resolve the misconception, we need to understand what constitute the so called Mangalik Dosha? What is it supposed to inflict ? We also need to understand the likely reasons for such negative tags attached with Mars upon its placement in certain houses of the natal chart.
To begin with, let us understand the nature of planet Mars in Astrology.
Mars is energetic and makes the native impulsive, active and adventurist. Every thing that relates to enthusiasm, zeal and courage receives energy from Mars. Its the power and force of an athlet and a sportsman. It is courage and bravary of a soldier. At mental level, Mars represents pure logic and power of higher intellect. Needless to say, Mars ignites fire of independance and liberty.

It rules the first sign, Aries, the eighth sign, Scorpio, and the First and Eighth Houses. Its period of revolution around the Sun lasts almost two years.
As can be seen in the above chart, when Mangal occupies 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of the horoscope, the Kundli is considered as 'Manglik'

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